New fixed-odds betting limit – a crackdown on the bosses that bet on misery?

Betting shops preach ‘responsible’ gambling Pic: Alan StantonFlickr

Gambling bosses are furious at new restrictions aimed at tackling the “crack cocaine” of gambling machines.

The government says it is going to slash the maximum stake from £100 to £2 on roulette machines in betting shops.

The fixed-odds betting terminals FOBTs are hugely profitable for the bosses and make them £1.8 billion every year.

The FOBTs allow money to be put in every 20 seconds, and are a favourite with people who have gambling problems.

Gambling companies daftar poker have been fighting for years to keep the stake as high as possible and now the industry is threatening job losses and shop closures.

They lure people in with the promise of quick cash—but inevitably overall people lose out. In 2016 a quarter of a million people lost more than £1,000 in one sitting at a FOBT.

The government is giving the gambling companies plenty of time to pile up cash and devise new ways to make money.

The vote on new regulations is not expected until 2019, and there could be a gap before implantation after that.

It is rank hypocrisy for the Tory government to pretend to care about the welfare of ordinary people.

It is Tory austerity and attacks on jobs, daftar poker health care and housing that contribute to the desperation that fuels the gambling industry’s enormous profits.

Those issues have been exacerbated by another modern trend in the industry. Despite high-street bookies being a traditional hub for sports betting since the 1960s, most are now dominated by highly addictive fixed-odds betting terminals.

A type of electronic slot machine, the betting terminals are accused of targeting some of the most vulnerable people in British society and contributing to the growing number of problem gamblers.

Peter Nicholls Image: Fixed odds betting terminalsCustomers are currently able to bet up to £100 $133 every 20 seconds playing virtual games of roulette or bingo on fixed-odds betting terminals. daftar poker The U.K. government last month announced that the maximum stake would be reduced from £100 to £2 in 2019.

Marriott, the council member who represents the left-leaning Labour party, also expressed concerns about how betting has evolved in recent years.

“My grandad use to go to the betting shops to place a bet on the horses, but now it’s very different,” Marriott said. “That’s very different to going to a betting shop, daftar poker and just standing there and pressing a button … and then winning or losing money in massive amounts. It’s almost not the same thing.”